Monday, August 31, 2009


okay, I am going to try the daily stuff again. It's been a weird few days and I think I might be ready for a back on track approach. Is there anyone else who thinks this way too?
An impromptu visit from DD#2 this past sat evening. Her and Dad tried to see the latest Harry Potter and that was a BIG BUST!! NO ONE IN THE THEATER,YET it was open,LIGHTS ON and she even was able to turn on the validating machine for parking! :) that's my girl!!(they all never did find anyone)
Today, Monday was eh but I did get a special Birthday card made with my cricut for my neighbor Terry :)

Alison (DD#1) had a meeting for Grad studies back at her alma mater :)..MD for a surgical quick fix.All ok . She has 4 more days home and then back to work she goes.
A basic hotdog and Mac n' cheese for dinner tonight

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