Sunday, January 22, 2012

progress is slow

I'm a bit early with the progress picture,but I definately see alot more of a log now. Here's the original post. I never did say how big this is,but approx 14 X 11 when all finished. He has a shadow border all the way around him that will be the last to do.
I've got a few little recycle notebooks I'm working on and will post a picture of them finished in a day or two. I've been busy these days with gathering,purchasing and packing things for the oldest, she's got her own new apt for Feb 1 ! She wanted to be out of the house by the time she turned 30 and that will be in October. She's very excited and I am too for her :) It's a great little place. I hope it all works out for her :) Will definately miss her and her father yelling at the TV during sports games! although she did say she'd be here to do laundry which might coincide with games ..LOL
ok, off to play before the AFC game and Bruins Hockey game at 3pm.

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