Sunday, January 1, 2012


it's officially new years day and I am hoping this post will keep me going for one of my resolutions this year. Normally I don't bother making any as things always distract me from following through; maybe that should be one..hmmm follow through. Well, anyhow. I started this cross stitch project near 25 or more years ago. My stitching phase took a back seat when I started in on scrapping and card making with the cricut, so that's about 7 years now maybe.My goal is to try and get him finished by the end of this year. I do have a large amount of him done, so I think that is a reasonable goal.A few hrs every other day or more and it should work. I started in on him on 12/28 to get the juices going :)
I'll try and post a progress picture every month :)
the other resolution I have is to make at least 2 projects form every cricut and imagine cartridge I own.. over 93 as of today!
off to the craft lair I go :)

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