Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not so long again

He came through the small doggie door and weighs probably 60+ lbs.. black lab.
He's scratching the heck out of my kitchen and living room floor because he can't get any footing and his hips don't work too well any longer,shaking like he has withdrawl symptoms.
He's eating my 2 dogs meals, day or night or anytime;even after eating his own.
He's been in my trash and had oil over the kitchen floor...
He HURTS and is too big for my house much as I do love animals, it's hard, been there done that with my own Dear Tim...
He actually started to behave like a young one at the end of his stay.He kept chasing(very slowly) after Bailey and she was having no part of that! lol
sorry Guin love you alot, but :( no more doggie sitting for that length of time ...

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