Monday, October 1, 2012


I cut these two fellas from the Artiste Cartridge. I was using the cart for the other little cuts on my cards(previous post) and they caught my eye! These are just very simple put on the mat and cut away. I wanted to have my daughter show her BF’s sister what crazy possibilites we (CRICUT/Imagine Fanatics) have to help her decorate her new classroom. She is a special needs teacher and just got an official teaching position in a local elementary school. They basically gave her an empty room, with no blackboards,desks etc, so its building a class from ground zero! We also found out she cut 150 leaves by hand!  totally not necessary!!!

anyhow, the Boo is at 1.6” for height in CCR and the skeletons,one flipped are at 11.15” height and the head is 1.569” height. 2 fit on the page.

I am finding so many other cool things on this Artiste Cartridge,  it’s becoming a fav :)


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