Wednesday, February 2, 2011

getting really tired~!

of all this snow!IMG_0510IMG_0506

A one two punch we got. At 7am there was about 5- 6 1/2 inches.on top of the 8 in. we got yesterday. This mornings was enough that I couldn’t open the front door. I decided..blahhh went back to bed after Walt and Ashton went to work, I had prearranged for the day off knowing what was on the horizon!and Alison of course stayed in bed(till 11:45am) At 8am I decided to go out and snow blow some of the girls paths and clean up as much as I could before it turns to rain and sleet.I even got some play time with the girls, having them running throught the maze :)

Good thing I did!! It got really uckky! The temp went to 36 and then dropped to below 32 in a matter of and hr. and further down and down making for frozen slop!

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