Sunday, November 29, 2009

Terrific Thanksgiving

Ashton did a beautiful job decorating for her very 1st Thanksgiving Dinner in her apt.She made a very lovely centerpiece and had little frame name tags for each place setting. We brought the "meal on wheels" and preped it along with a few pies on Wednesday evening. Susan and Paul really enjoyed their time. Dad had a nice time,although the TV stations Alison,Ashton and I left him in piece for a bit and went Michaels for the 5pm -9pm super specials on Cricut stuff after dinner was over. :) !!!
She has lots of leftovers even though we spread them out between herself and Susan and then left our portion at Gram & Gramps in Ct. on on way home Friday.We actually did not have any traffic backups (5 hrs down)at all other then the miserable drizzle rain.
Big kudos to DD#2 :) hugs

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