Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's working..maybe...

Ashton is finally feeling a bit better if she wants to try a new recipe for something yummy to eat tonight her "lasagna-esque type dish" :) (original crescent roll recipe)

I apologize for the lack of table manners with the pictures,I am really new at this html and blogging stuff. She sent me these pictures to make Mommy happy :) While DD#2 was working on her creation, I was working on this one :) hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.. I use cs3 photo shop and item used are from Lynettes and Scrapgirls(see links in places I go)
My Toes
I am looking forward to doing alot more creative paper stuff also with my Cricut! I've been trying to play as often as I can. I've gotten a couple of cards done(previous posts) and have Halloween project in mind for some of the neighborhood kids.

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